To Survive in Tough Times, Restaurants Turn to Data-Mining-NY Times

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Avero, a Manhattan-based company founded in 1999, defined the next generation of analytics: It translated data into a common language, added external data and generated an easy-access overview of inventory, food costs and sales, accounting, scheduling and customer behavior. “Not 40 systems with 40 passwords,” said Avero’s founder, Damian Mogavero."

The message to restaurateurs is simple: Ignore data at your peril, said Mr. Mogavero, the author of a recent book, “The Underground Culinary Tour,”about how data has transformed the restaurant industry."

But successful growth makes it hard to keep a sharp eye on operations. Charlee Williamson has been with the New Orleans-based Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group for 24 years, and keeps track of six managers and 78 servers at the Jazz Kitchen, thousands of miles away at Disneyland in California. She relies on the Server Scorecard, a feature offered by Avero."

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Braden Williams

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