How data analytics is becoming a "moneyball" for restaurants – CBS News


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' “The restaurant industry, there’s a lot of artistry in it. And one of the things that I noticed when I was in the restaurant industry is I would ask very simple questions to my chefs and managers, you know, ‘Why do your food costs go up? Why do your labor costs go up? Who are your top and bottom servers?’” said Mogavero, founder of the software company Avero. “And I would get blank stares and wrong answers.” '

'To educate owners, Mogavero takes them into the field on a 15-stop restaurant excursion called The Underground Culinary Tour.
“It sounds like an odyssey. It’s 25 hours, 15 restaurants?” Wagner asked.
“Yes, and we give them a six-hour nap, which is very important, you know, hydrate, a little sleep,” Mogavero said, laughing. “And then, you know, back... on the road. It’s using New York City as a restaurant laboratory. And it’s really to...  give a glimpse in... the future of how people are going to eat because what used to happen in New York used to take 20 or 30 years. But because of technology and social media, now happens six to 12 months from the rest of the country.” '


Braden Williams

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